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What Mueller Knows and We Suppose

Trump’s incumbency spews information that the conscientious voter cannot interpret, because reportage is riddled with paradox. 
Even amid chaos, patterns emerge. Reality persists beyond the edge of the vortex. We may be overcome by our need for regularity when we transform noise into intelligible music, but we could also be mistaken when honest citizens believe refutation entails discredit or dishonor. In a world where facts and sources matter less than allegories and fables, pundits must turn to mystery writers as much as investigative journalists. We should speculate around an armature of well-sourced fact, but journalists who reject strict distinctions between opinion and reportage must be enlisted to fight in the trenches beside traditional forces.
The propaganda machine run by Fox is a model of misdirection mixed with truthy tidbits, packaged as a serialized crime novel– loaded with perils, frights, dangers, and rescues by good guys who unmask the baddies. Opponents need to recruit…
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Bobs and Wheels

A friend who donates his spare computing cycles to the collaborative Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has apparently caught an aberrant signal from our own planet. Before he deleted it as garbage collected as an echo from a stationary satellite, he forwarded the communique to this Blog's address, with the comment that it may be just a fraction clipped from a stranger saga–

Tethered to a spavined mare with glanders whose snarky drool infects the sod where legions of detectives trod, fulminant fumes confuse a path that wanders
from this one to that discarded bawd– ashamed and vexed, and always haunted, our maniac coachman squawks undaunted slandering foes with logic loose and flawed,
“Fake News!” he shouts, to titillate his vaunted ‘core’ who doff their caps and cry for more. Raving summons raise responsive danders, the chorus led by Huckabee Sanders.
Fastidious in taste, bold in his boasts, obsessed with publicity, cloaked in vanity, sharing fixers and slogans with smug Sean Hannity…

Trump's Last Flush (update)

James Comey thinks Trump is cognitively competent, but morally unfit to hold executive power. He adds his strong voice to a chorus of opinion that considers Trump’s behavior to constitute indictable obstruction of justice, as to the actus reus element. Comey also infers that Trump is “compromised” by something the Russians “have on him.” Comey however feels Trump’s mens rea for obstruction is open to a wee smidgen of reasonable doubt. The doubt is damning, since the strongest competing inference clears Trump only to make room for impeaching the Guileless Gonif for graft, as he pursues his gangland agenda of grabbing all the loot his office enables him to seize before his luck runs out.
If Trump is merely a mercenary pirate, we should expect to see him bend every effort to postpone his day of reckoning. Politically inadvisable or irrational moves (interfering with DOJ investigations through a combination of firings, pardons, and revocation of inconvenient regulations) look rational if T…

Facebook's Next Frontier

Facebook’s travails are a spur to its ingenuity. Why cry after losing the privacy of >80 million users, when we consider the valuable social research that was inadvertently enabled by this unfortunate incident?  Political science, medical science, economics, sociology, and disciplines yet to be discovered turn that giant database to constructive uses. Countless new correlations, algorithms, profiles and behavioral laws are already safely perched on the deserving servers of the Mercer family, the RNC, the Putin gang, and Facebook itself. The genetic codes of many users can be added to the mix (by present consent or by bequest) so that your DNA profile will suffice to ground predictions of your lifespan, your likely infirmities, even your phenotype (when combined with various environmental data sets and similar inputs).
The mere fact of your physical demise should be no hindrance to valid assertions regarding your posthumous vote, or vocation, or preference in matters of style. There …

The End of Days for the Trump Regency?

Each account of the Ward’s character produces its peculiar style of prophecy. Froward brat theorists devote much of their time to marking an illusory line that divides infantile blunders from juvenile delinquency. That line, once identified, will be marked in red, signifying either a bloody Rubicon, or the place where ethical and informational incompetency becomes undeniably obvious to everyone– the tipping point where impeachment becomes a mere matter of detail after a phase transition in public opinion from acute internal antagonism to near unanimous repudiation. The end of the regime will be marked by plea-bargaining.
According to froward brat analysis, Trump’s lies and propaganda are meant to distract attention. Just as an infant with a hand in the cookie jar seeks to avoid a swat or a scolding by casting blame elsewhere, so does Putin’s Ward employ childish excuses– ‘whaddabout my adversary’ and ‘the Devil made me do it’. The Ward’s atrocious behavior is ascribed to inherent vice:…

Whose pawn, whose king?

Trump’s detractors present a confusing account of his psychopathology, his incompetence, and his agenda. The consensus view offers a bully who loves conflict (but cannot abide confrontation with advisors who take the losing side of the knife-fights he orchestrates). He is also said to be easily bored, “transactional” (= opportunistic), and a non-reader. He hates to appear prepared or briefed, no matter what the occasion. He must never seem to be staffed. His strongman self-image  would be compromised if he were guided by advice, however expert, or if his initiatives were predicted by pundit analysis, however sympathetic or logical. Most observers agree that Trump is readily persuaded by the last person to pitch him with a glitzy slogan. When he must exercise his public office, Trump is like a judge who reaches his decisions after ex parte arguments in camera. Only one side gets to fawn and schmooze behind the closed door, and that side is selected on the basis of P.R. potential. Many …

Putin's Trump card

Spring has technically begun. We are nearing its cruelest month. A Parthian time-traveller recently returned from a near-future scouting foray. His advice is based on his discovery that Double-Agent Donnie’s loyalty to Putin, and his crimes against all women including Lady Liberty, are about to be revealed in detail, together with overwhelming supporting evidence. 
It is too easy to see the finale of Putin’s coup as a saga of crisis, public outcry, and a reluctant but effective reprise of the Watergate story– perhaps ending with actual impeachment this time. The Watergate analogy is far from providing the most plausible scenario, however.
We must ponder the question whether Mueller, Sessions, Mitch, or any other counter-party will be constitutionally available to negotiate or approve a plea bargain (or any other deal by means of which Donnie could exit the public arena while retaining most or all of his loot). Deceitful Donnie is so Supreme, as the head of our government, that he is ber…