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Same Birthday – Addendum

An astute censor from the Parthian General Staff reminded the Arrow that his apparent endorsement of an ‘adjustable birthday’ principle entails immediate legal consequences for some inhabitants of the American heartland. Legal scholars find consensus behind a prediction that a recently adopted statute in North Dakota, for example, is repugnant to the law established by Roe v. Wade and its progeny giving women rights of reproductive autonomy and choice. The scholars predict that the model legislation pioneered by North Dakota will result in federal constitutional review that overturns their statute or overrules Roe.

Be that as it may, personal status questions are generally governed by state law. The U.S. Supreme Court is unlikely to disturb North Dakota’s novel statutory regime in areas other than abortion. Now that North Dakota has added another 7-8 months to the ages of its inhabitants, we may expect (with glee or consternation) to see four year olds demand admission to kindergartens…

Same Birthday, Different Ages?

A recently published study indicates that resting heart rate is an excellent indicator of an individual’s life span. We can expect further refinements, leading perhaps to a point where death days, plus or minus a few months, are established for the living with a high degree of confidence. Although somewhat fuzzier, life span measurement could enable the law to draw a second bright line, relieving pressures currently placed on birth dates alone.

Birth dates, as we know, establish the ages of sexual and bibulatory consent, of driving eligibility, of Social Security benefits for retirees, of pre-school and school assignments, of confirmations and bar mitzvahs, and countless other markers that determine important life epochs. For extremely premature infants, already handicapped by the medical vicissitudes that insured their survival, their parturition date means that their legal eligibility for subsequent benefits and burdens (including military conscription) is out of sync with the biolog…

Parthian's Practical Approach to Gun Violence

As a cataphractic toxophile, the Parthian Arrow deplores guns in all their forms. He applauds the lobbying efforts of Mayor Bloomberg and other opponents of the NRA. He regards the grieving victims of Newtown as inspiring heroes. Parthian nevertheless fears that the gun regulation lobby is no match for a venal and pusillanimous Congress, or for the devil himself, whose current avatar stalks the earth bearing the accursed name of Wayne La Pierre. 
While attending yesterday’s Boston Marathon (and departing before an explosion occurred across the street from his vantage point) the Arrow realized that there is a more promising strategy for frustrating Wayne’s disgusting promotion of Bushmaster roulette played with other people’s children. Parthian’s proposal might achieve less than rational nationwide gun regulations could accomplish, but it is firmly based on the free market principles so dear to Second Amendment freaks. His proposal also has scalability. If Parthian is right, a few milli…