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A Tribute to Clive James

Decrepitude’s gains at the Arrow’s expense have accelerated recently, but he has nevertheless been found fit enough to be dispatched on another possibly perilous foreign assignment. On the eve of his departure, he has a few words to say about a younger and more moribund warrior, the admirable Clive James. A poem that James published recently in the Times Literary Supplement, entitled Event Horizon, suggests that his approaching death will consign Clive James (as it will all of us, eventually) to unimaginably dense, dark and utter annihilation when our planet falls into a black hole. 

Parthian prefers to deal with the time span of our precarious species, where poets like James may not be resurrected, nor endowed with some immortal form of consciousness that can bask in posterity’s esteem. He hopes that James will take some rueful comfort from the realization that his legacy of verse, humor, criticism, and witness to a witless age will endure for many future generations of his species, a…