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Another Futile Rant About Them

The first political discourse Parthian heard at the family dinner table in childhood featured an unfamiliar usage of a familiar word: they. That pronoun was uttered with blind confidence that no further reference or specification was desirable or necessary.  “They” were likely (or not) to decree some new rule or regulation that would (or would not) interfere with business, in the way of taxes, licenses, draft classification, rent control, rationing, or the issuance of different record-keeping and reporting requirements.  “They” were spiders spinning red tape. “They” formed webs from the tape, making it expensive and dangerous to try to disentangle your private affairs from their opaque schemes.  If pressed, “they” would be defined, usually, as (“faceless”) bureaucrats; but sometimes as politicians.

They are still among us, still resented and feared.  The soil in which grassroots politics is cultivated is refreshed by the bureaucratic dung of the Code of Federal Regulations and lesser f…